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Find best-fit customers when they're buying, with customer acquisition built for software companies.

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Best-fit customers only
You know who your best-fit customers are, you just need to know when they’re ready to buy. Create lead campaigns that match your targeting with our active software buyers, and start talking to the people most likely to buy your software.
On your terms
Create a predictable and measurable source of new opportunities by optimizing your targeting, inbound volume and budget. No resources required, no upfront costs and zero wastage. Simply match opportunities with demand.
Be part of your buyer’s journey
Ensure software buyers find your product at multiple stages of the buying process. Promote products across comparison sites and create lead generation campaigns to put your software at the heart of the search.

Integrated with leading comparison sites

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“We receive all around great support. Easy to work with and a great relationship to have with them. Always friendly and warm, which more companies should be like.”

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Karla, Demand Generation Manager

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